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HTS1800 Demetdent Zirconia Sintering Furnace

2016-08-25 16:46:34

Brief Introduction:
Demetdent zirconia sintering furnace is mainly used for the sintering of zirconia materials and also can be used in the field of powder metallurgical for the high temperature sintering and annealing of the materials.The main features are as below:

l   Quick zirconia sintering crystallizing time

l   Simple english touch screen control panel

l   Various programmed curve setting available

l   Exclusive elements to avoid zirconia discoloration

l   Compact muffle chamber with auto lift and drop tray

Technical Parameter:
1 Model HTS1800
2 Chamber structure circular and bottom lift
3 Display Touch screen LCD
4 Max Temperature 1730°C
5 Usable Range ≤1650°C
6 Heating Rate Suggestion 0~40°C/min
7 Accuracy ±1°C
8 Inside Chamber Size Φ110×120mm
9 Heating Element MoSi2 rod
10 Thermocouple B Type
11 Max. Power 3KW
12 Working Voltage 220V, 50hz
13 Temperature Control PID automatic control via SCR power control
14 Size 400×500×850(mm)
15 Weight 70kg
16 Warranty One year
Furnace Construction:
Company Profile:
We are a furnace manufacturer, exporter in China,having years of experience in designing and producing dental furnaces and lab furnaces,please contact us if you have any questions or other requirement,we’re always happy to hear from you!