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Demetdent 3D Scanner DT2000

2016-08-27 11:24:10

The main features of our Demetdent 3D Scannerare as below:

l   Blue light scanning technology

Blue light 3D scanning technology replace the white light 3D scanning technology, less sensitive to the ambient light,Highlighting the minutiae,Provide high-quality three-dimensional model data.
High efficiency

Using structured light plane array technology, high Scan speed,high efficiency ;  A large number of algorithm uses graphics acceleration, improve processing speed.
More detail

Advanced post-processing algorithms ensure data validity.
High precision

Grating precision measurement method ensure high precision and high resolution, the highest precision is less than 0.015mm.
Fully-automatic scanning
Fully-automatic turntable, easy to operate, A key to achieve a three-dimensional model scanning.
Open system
Open scanning system,Standard STL data interface,It supports a variety of open design software.
Compact design
The latest vertical design,saves space and reduces weight
Strong compatibility
Demetdent 3D dental scanning software can output high quality standard STL data directly,compatible with most CAD/CAM software.
Technical Parameter:
1 Model DT2000
2 Scanning Technology Binocular grating
3 3D scanning area 100mm*100mm*75mm
4 resolution 1,300,000
5 3D scanning principle Non-contact BLUE light scanning
6 Scanning speed Full Arch 33s;Upper Jaw/Lower Jaw 47s;
1 single tooth 35s ;      2-8 teeth 37-45s;
Impression 2mins.
7 Accuracy <15 micron
8 Dimension 310(W)*470(H)*310(D)mm
9 Weight 20KG
10 Working temperature 0-40 °C
11 Power DC24V
12 Output data format STL
Scanner Construction:
Company Profile:
We are a 3D dental scanner manufacturer, exporter in China,having years of experience in designing and producing dental 3D scanners,please contact us if you have any questions or other requirement,we’re always happy to hear from you!